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The XFL 2001 Game Schedule

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Week 1
NY/NJ Hitmen@ Las Vegas Outlaws
Sat Feb 3, 8PM
Chicago Enforcers@ Orlando Rage
Sat Feb 3, 8PM
Memphis Maniax@ Birmingham Bolts
Sun Feb 4, TBA
LA Xtreme@ San Francisco Demons
Sun Feb 4, 4PM
Week 2
Chicago Enforcers @ LA Xtreme
Sat Feb 10, 8PM
SF Demons @ Orlando Rage
Sat Feb 10, 8PM
Birmingham Bolts @ NY/NJ Hitmen
Sun Feb 11, 4PM
Las Vegas Outlaws @ Memphis Maniax
Sun Feb 11, 7PM
Week 3
SF Demons@ Memphis Maniax
Sat Feb 17, 8PM
LA Xtreme@ Las Vegas Outlaws
Sat Feb 17, 8PM
Chicago Enforcers @ Birmingham Bolts
Sun Feb 18, 4PM
Orlando Rage @ NY/NJ Hitmen
Sun Feb 18, 7PM
Week 4
NY/NJ Hitmen@ Chicago Enforcers
Sat Feb 24, 8PM
Birmingham Bolts @ Orlando Rage
Sat Feb 24, 8PM
Las Vegas @ SF Demons
Sun Feb 25, 4PM
Memphis Maniax @ LA Xtreme
Sun Feb 25, 7PM
Week 5
LA Xtreme@ NY/NJ Hitmen
Sat Mar 3, 8PM
Birmingham Bolts@ SF Demons
Sat Mar 3, 8PM
Las Vegas Outlaws@ Chicago Enforcers
Sun Mar 4, 4PM
Orlando Rage@ Memphis Maniax
Sun Mar 4, 7PM
Week 6
Las Vegas Outlaws@ Orlando Rage
Sat Mar 10, 8PM
Chicago Enforcers@ Memphis Maniax
Sat Mar 10, 8PM
NY/NJ Hitmen@ SF Demons
Sun March 11, 4PM
LA Xtreme@ Birmingham Bolts
Sun March 11, 7PM
Week 7
Memphis Maniax@ NY/NJ Hitmen
Sat Mar 17, 8PM
Birmingham Bolts@ Las Vegas Outlaws
Sat Mar 17, 8PM
Orlando Rage@ LA Xtreme
Sun Mar 18, 4PM
SF Demons@ Chicago Enforcers
Sun Mar 18, 7PM
Week 8
Las Vegas Outlaws@ LA Xtreme
Sat Mar 24, 8PM
Memphis Maniax@ SF Demons
Sat Mar 24, 8PM
Birmingham Bolts@ Chicago Enforcers
Sun Mar 25, 4PM
NY/NJ Hitmen@ Orlando Rage
Sun Mar 25, 7PM
Week 9
Chicago Enforcers@ NY/NJ Hitmen
Sat March 31, 8PM
Orlando Rage@ Birmingham Bolts
Sat March 31, 8PM
LA Xtreme@ Memphis Maniax
Sun April 1, 4PM
SF Demons@ Las Vegas Outlaws
Sun April 1, 7PM
Week 10
Orlando Rage@ Chicago Enforcers
Sat April 7, 8PM
Memphis Maniax@ Las Vegas Outlaws
Sat April 7, 8PM
NY/NJ Hitmen@ Birmingham Bolts
Sun April 8, 4PM
SF Demons@ LA Xtreme
Sun April 8, 7PM



Sun Nights on UPN

The UPN XFL Television Schedule:
All games 7PM Eastern unless otherwise noted

Feb 4th LA Xtreme .vs. SF Demons (4 pm ET)
Feb 11th Las Vegas Outlaws .vs. Memphis Maniax
Feb 18th Orlando Rage .vs. NY/NJ Hitmen
Feb 25th Memphis Maniax .vs. LA Xtreme
Mar 4th Orlando Rage .vs. Memphis Maniax
Mar 11th LA Xtreme .vs. Birmingham Thunderbolts
Mar 18th SF Demons .vs. Chicago Enforcers
Mar 25th NY/NJ Hitmen .vs. Orlando Rage
Apr 1st SF Demons .vs. Las Vegas Outlaws
Apr 8th SF Demons .vs. LA Xtreme
Apr 15th XFL Playoff Game Two

Sat Nights on NBC Schedule TBA

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