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No Official Rule book yet but while we this is what we got. When the new rules are published we'll have'em here.

This is what we have heard:

No fair catches on punts.

Only one foot required in bounds on pass receptions.

35-second play clock.

10 minute halftime.

Cameras sure to be located everywhere : locker rooms, sidelines , helmets, shoes.

Players, coaches locker rooms and huddles will be miked.

On top of normal salary, players will be paid bonuses if their team wins.

Heard. ".the no fair catch rule will go something like this...5-yard halo for the punt returner...chasers on the outside can not release until the ball is kicked...a ball punted out of bounds will be a 5 yard penalty and a re-kick...finally...and the really fun twist of the XFL no fair catch rule is - once the ball travels 25 yards it will be a live ball...kind of like an onside punt...in other words the punt in the XFL will be a really exciting play...no out of bounds...every kick returned and no more watching a ball roll unattended down the field. "


The XFL will utilize the "in the grasp rule" that the NFL uses...late hits and hits above the neck are not allowed.





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