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American Football League links
  • Dick Butkus Football Network - A comprehensive football site that covers NFL, CFL, Arena, College, High School and Youth Leagues.
  • The Football Archive - Searchable database contains historical information and a variety of interactive games and tools.
  • Football.com - Resources and football related sites, chat, software-games.
  • Leonard's Losers Online - Official web site for football prognosticator Leonard Postosties. Get a humorous and accurate look at key NFL and college matchups for the week.
  • maxfootball.com - NFL and NCAA football video and audio shows.
  • SportsComputer - A power rating system that ranks and predicts college and pro football, soccer, and team sports. We provide predictions with daily updates intended for sports enthusiasts and not wagering.
  • USA Football - Everything football, pro, semi-pro, college, junior college and high school.
  • USA Football Center Online - Provides online scores, point spreads, weekly stats, schedules, standings, free picks, and injury reports for college and pro football games.




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