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  • The Official XFL Web Site - The new Football League brought to you by the WWF and NBC. Site contains official information, news and press releases related to the XFL.
  • Smashmouth Football - The Spirit of the XFL - XFL fan site with team logos, news, rumors. Lots of interesting XFL news and information.
  • XFL - Extreme Football League - News and rumours about the XFL. Message board and XFL related cartoons.
  • XFL Board - XFL fan site. XFL Message Board. XFL Player discussion. XFL Rumors, XFL News and XFL Discussion. On-line polls. XFL Chat room with realtime java chat. This is one of the most informative XFL fan sites on the web.
  • XFL 2K - XFL 2K contains news, xfl information, pictures, teams, rules, polls, message board and more.
  • XFL Online - An Unofficial XFL Site. Provides rumours, news and on-line polls.
  • XFL-FAN.com - XFL fan site with news, players, cheerleaders, interviews.




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